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Station de ski Obertilliach / Golzentipp - Lesachtal

1.430 - 2.250m
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Obertilliach / Golzentipp...

1.430 - 2.250m

Plan de piste Station de ski Obertilliach / Golzentipp - Lesachtal
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Heures d'ouverture Hiver

17.12.2021 - 19.04.2022
09:00 - 16:00

Pistes Obertilliach /...

3,4 km (4)
7,8 km (6)
1 km (2)
Freeride/ Routes
3 km
15,6 km

Nouveauté Obertilliach / Golzentipp - Lesachtal

Children's land at the Himbeergoll lift in Obertilliach. A large access arch forms the entrance to the new children's adventure area with a wave run, row of jumps, figures as curve pointers, and much more.

Station de ski Obertilliach / Golzentipp - Lesachtal

The still manageable and, not least for this reason, very family-friendly skiing area Golzentipp is, like the entire high valley, one of the insider tips, if such a thing still exists today. Especially beginners, children and less experienced skiers will find almost ideal skiing terrain here.
The "magic of the slopes" begins practically on your doorstep and saves you the daily journey to the ski lifts. So you can also give your car a few days' rest.
In Obertilliach you have exactly 12.6 km of consistently sunny pistes (not including the ski trail from the Connyalm into the valley) on over 38 ha of slopes at your disposal. 5 lifts (1 10-person gondola and 4 T-bar lifts) whir in East Tyrol's southernmost ski area, which can now boast an improvement in quality thanks to a single-cable gondola lift.

Now you can ski "safely" again, because the world's most famous secret agent no longer crosses the piste on the village slope - filming has long since been completed and has already been seen in the cinema and on TV! He is now back on a secret mission somewhere on our planet...

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Contact Station de ski Obertilliach / Golzentipp - Lesachtal

Obertilliacher Bergbahnen
Dorf 38, A-9942 Obertilliach

+43 4847 5300
Info neige
+43 50 212360
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Heures d'ouverture Été

12.06.2022 - 02.10.2022
Nombre Remontées

09:00 bis 12:00 und 13:00 bis 16:00, im August bis 16:30 Uhr

Eventuelle Sonderfahrten im Mai und Oktober werden auf der Website kommuniziert!

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