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Station de ski Bödele - Schwarzenberg

700 - 1.467m
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Bödele - Schwarzenberg

700 - 1.467m

Plan de piste Station de ski Bödele - Schwarzenberg
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29/04/2021, 22:41
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Remontées Bödele - Schwarzenberg


Heures d'ouverture Hiver

25.12.2020 - 04.04.2021
09:00 - 16:15

Pistes Bödele - Schwarzenberg

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Covid-19 Maßnahmen Bödele - Schwarzenberg
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Désinfectants dans les lieux publics
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Nouveauté Bödele - Schwarzenberg

*** We still have them: Point-Cards! They are valid for the whole season, so it´s not important if you enjoy a sunny day in our skiing huts and go skiing once or you just want to make a day off skiing. You safe your money - the point card is valid each day of the season. A relaxed skiing day at Bödele skiing resort. ***

Station de ski Bödele - Schwarzenberg

Bödele welcomes you with its romantic ski huts, friendly innkeepers, dedicated ski instructors, perfect winter walking trails and lots of things to do in the fresh air for old as well as young people.

The early start of winter (end of november) and its comparatively safe snow conditions make Bödele a popular ski resort. For many people, Bödele is right on their front doorstep, so the travelling times are very short. The shuttle bus to Bödele leaves half-hourly from Dornbirn and Schwarzenberg. Old and young downhill racers, hikers and trekkers particularly appreciate the charm of the nostalgic ski huts and the service offered at the restaurants.

Rübe - the new star at Bödele will accompany you around the resort on your skiing jaunts and when you want to stop at an inn. The ski school takes care of your little ones in the best possible way. We will be glad to provide racing and time keeping equipment for company or school skiing trips!

BÖDELE. Snow right on your front doorstep.

Snow-, weather- and roadbroadcast: T: +43 5572 7321
Tourist office Schwarzenberg: T: +43 5512 3570
Tourist office Dornbirn: T: +43 5572 22188

Contact Station de ski Bödele - Schwarzenberg

Tarifgemeinschaft Bödele
Weisstanne 564, A-6867 Schwarzenberg/Bödele

+43 5512 7290
Info neige
+43 5572 7321
Site internet
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Remontée mécanique Association touristique
Évaluation 4,2
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