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BERGFEX: Station de ski Argentera - Vacances de ski Argentera - Wintersportgebiet Argentera

Station de ski Argentera


1.630 - 2.480m

Plan de piste Station de ski Argentera

Station de ski Argentera

When you think of the Stura valley for skiing, you immediately think of the resort Argentera.
The only ski resort in the valley offers lovers of the alpine pleasure snowy and groomed slopes.

The small ski area in the Stura valley extends from 1600 m to 2600 m and offers a varied environment of pine and larch. The ski area offers fun for all ages and levels: The youngest and beginners can try their first steps on the lift called "Marmot" (baby-lift). Skiers and snowboarders can reach the chairlift at a height of 2300 m above sea level, then take the lift "Anderplan" even up to 2600 m above the tree line. Freeriders can enjoy the slopes full of powder snow, which can be reached from the lift.

Non-skiers can enjoy the beautiful, sunny days at the highest point of the ski area and the natural views.

For lovers of Nordic skiing a circular trail is offered, that runs up to the village Argentera.

Contact Station de ski Argentera

Station de ski Argentera

Consorzio Valle Stura Ski
via Nazionale, 6, I-12010 Argentera (CN)

+39 0171 96732
Info neige
+39 0171 96732 +39 0348 0507225
+39 0171 968907
Site internet
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