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Snowpark Superpark Dachstein - Funpark Superpark Dachstein - Park Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade - Snowboarden

Superpark Dachstein

Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade

Over the past few years, the Dachstein glacier with its famous Superpark has developed into a new Mecca for the local and international freestyle scene. Since snowboard professional Bernd Mandlberger made his shaping debut in 2000, the park has constantly been improved and perfectly maintained. Although the terrain is spatially limited, the park crew still manages to surprise us year after year with lots of innovative obstacles.

Beginner park at the Austria Lift ~ 200m length
Pro and Medium park at the Hunerkogel Lift ~300m length

Station de ski Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade

Schnee- und Parkstatus


Hauteurs de neige

aujourd'hui, 07:06 180 cm - 5 de 5
  Montagne Ville Remontées ouvertes
Dachstein-Seilbahn und 4 Skilifte sind in Betrieb! 5 km Langlaufloipe gespurt.
von 8:30 - 16:50 Uhr

Superpark Dachstein

Hauteur du niveau de la mer
2674 m
350 m
20 000m²

A diverse setup offers a high-class playground to all freestyle-loving snowboarders and freeskiers – and not only during winter time! Due to its unique geographical location, the park is open to freestylers from late fall till early summer - whether beginner advanced rider or pro.

  • At the left side after the park entrance you will find a lot of kickers in line, as well as boxes and rails for the intermediate riding level.
  • The center-piece, the Superpark Dachstein got famous. Not only at the annual Pleasure Jam all pro riders visit the kickerline to practise their newest and hottest tricks for the season.
  • Over the last years the Dachstein become a place for metal lovers and and jib experts. Watch, ride and learn from the best...
Kicker 15m (Kicker)
Kicker 18 m (Kicker)
Rainbow Bridge (Rail)
Straightrail 8m (Rail)
Wallride 6m (Specials)
Beginner Area Jump Butter Box 3m (Box)
Dance Floor Butter Box 3m (Box)
Don/Flat/Down Rail (Rail)
Down Rail (Rail)
Flat Butter Box (Box)
Flat Down Tube (Pipeslide)
Flat Tube (Pipeslide)
Flat Tube (Pipeslide)
Flat/Down Butter Box 6m (Box)
Funbox Jump (Kicker)
Kicker Jump (Kicker)
Kicker Jump 3m (Kicker)
Kicker Jump 4m (Kicker)
Up/Down Box (Box)
Up/Down Box 6m (Box)
A-Frame Box 12m (Box)
Funbox Jump (Kicker)
Funbox Jump (Kicker)
Kicker Jump (Kicker)
Kicker Jump 5m (Kicker)
Medium Area Down Box 10m (Box)
Medium Area Down Rail 7m (Rail)
Medium Area Kicker Jump 8m (Kicker)
Medium Area Straight Box 7m (Box)
Mini Hip Jump (Kicker)
Advanced Area Cannon Tube 8m (Pipeslide)
Advanced Area Flat/Up Tube 9m (Pipeslide)
Advanced Area Flat Rail to Banana Down Special 5m (Specials)
Advanced Area Rainbow Tube 9m (Pipeslide)
Funbox Jump 10m (Kicker)
Kicker Jump 9m (Kicker)
A-Framed (Box)
Down Rail 10m (Rail)
Down/Flat/Down Rail 14m (Rail)
Downrail 7m (Rail)
Kicker Jump 12m (Kicker)
Kicker Jump 14m (Kicker)
Kicker Jump 16m (Kicker)
Pro Area Horizontal-Gate Special 12m (Specials)
Pro Area Rainbow Bridge Special 9m (Specials)
Pro Area Straight Banana Rail to Down Rail Special 8m (Specials)
Wallride 6m (Specials)

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