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Snowpark Absolut Park Flachauwinkl - Funpark Absolut Park Flachauwinkl - Park Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl - Ski amade - Snowboarden

Absolut Park Flachauwinkl

Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl - Ski amade

Over the last few years the Absolut Park has developed into one of the biggest and best known parks in Europe. The more than 100 obstacles are attended to daily by a professional shape crew to ensure perfect conditions for the riders.
The Park is divided into 5 sections:
1) Kicker-line
5 Kickers in a row ensure maximum air time at a top international level.
Here you will find every rail and jib obstacle imaginable in a creative layout.
3) Beginner line
The ideal place to work on your skills, to practice new tricks and to prepare yourself for bigger things.
This line has been equipped with a most varied range of rails which flow into a funpipe.
5)*Jib Park*
At the bottom of the Absolut Park and right in front of the Chill House you will find the ultimate playground for all free-style fanatics.
6)*Super Pipe*
A highlight of the Absolut Park. And since last year it is even serviced by its own lift. With a height of 7 metres, it conforms exactly to the dimsenions required for X-Games and Olympic Games.

Station de ski Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl - Ski amade

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Hauteurs de neige

14/04/2017, 14:34 - - 0 de 10
  Montagne Ville Remontées ouvertes
Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch am Shuttleberg & Absolut Park:)
08:45 bis 16:15 h Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch:)

Absolut Park Flachauwinkl

Hauteur du niveau de la mer
1960 m
1 600 m
190 000m²

"Cowboys ride it hard!"

  • 1 kicker line

Right after the park entrance gates there is a fine Wave Box, followed by two top shaped kickers, which are directly behind each other and positioned in line with a broad jump and a table up to a maximum length of approximately 5-20 m points. As soon as the snow conditions permitting, there will be the advanced kicker line shaped.

  • 2 Rail Combo

Many sophisticated and top shaped rails & boxes offer varied riding fun for every skill level. A 20m-down box, an A-frame box, a 2x4m kinked rail, a classic 6m flat rail, a 8m and 12m hand rail, rainbow rail and a pimped-5m high and 10m wide wall ride are arranged in a line, and promise varied jibbing.

  • 3 The halfpipes

Aligned with 4m wall, a length of 100m and the whole south - guaranteed same sun radiation for both walls and an easy transition - the absolute support of the riders´ creativity!
!NEW 2011/12! The pride and joy this season is the new SUPER PIPE with the considerable size of 160m, 6m walls, 30m width and daily shape throughout the season - that is absolutely unique in the Alps!
Just across the Nike 6.0 Jib Plaza is positioned. Here is the Stair Set the Air & Style Munich.

  • 4 Jibline

The easy parking in the last part is flatter and designed in the "skate park style". This offer boxes, rails and two small kickers and thus hundreds of Jib possibilites for each snowboarder and freestyle skier.

  • Burton THE STASH

It is a natural terrain adjusted terrain park, which responds many jib and riding versions and attracts the creativity of the riders away from the normal park riding! The premises of STASH Park is located on the Powder Shuttle Bahn and is the ultimate playground for backcountry freestylers & freeriders.

Earth-based elements
Perfectly natural and applied earth's landforms are the attractions of the very large and varied Absolut Park.

Upper Kickerline

4 Elemente

Girls ride hard (Box)
down, 16m long
stepdown Kicker
knuckle, 6m table, 20m landing
tabletop Kicker
knuckle, 15m table, 28m landing
tabletop Kicker
knuckle, 10m table, 28m landing

Upper JibLine

15 Elemente

Elbow rail (Rail)
20 m!!! (Box)
down, 40cm wide
wallride Specials
up, 10m long, 5.5m high
Medium Line (Rail)
flat-down, 8m long
Medium Line (Rail)
up, 6m long
Medium Line (Box)
flat-down, 6m long, 40cm wide
Medium Line (Rail)
down, 10m long
Medium Line (Rail)
flat, 4m long
tabletop Kicker
roll in, 6m table
metal Pipeslide
down, 6m long
stepdown Kicker
knuckle, 8m table
stepdown Kicker
knuckle, 10m table
kinked Box
flat-down, 12m long
double kinked Rail
down-flat-down, 10m long
Heading south (Pipe)
100m long, 12m wide, 4m high


9 Elemente

kinked Box
flat, 5m long
straight Box
flat, 5m long
Medium Line (Rail)
flat-down, 8m long
STAIRCASE (Specials)
Pole (Rail)
Wallride (Specials)
Jumprail (Specials)
down (Rail)
down, 8m long

Burton "The Stash"

Hauteur du niveau de la mer
1900 m
1 700 m
  • Burton THE STASH

It is a natural terrain adjusted terrain park, which responds by infinitely many versions Riding Jib and the creativity of the riders away from the normal driving and parking-challenged! The premises of STASH Park is located on the Powder Shuttle Bahn and is the ultimate playground for backcountry freestylers & freeriders.

Earth-based elements
Natural terrain, the obstacles are mostly adapted from the timber and land forms.


super Pipe
160m long, 20m wide, 6m high

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