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BERGFEX: Station de ski Chanavey / Rhêmes-Notre-Dame: Vacances de ski Chanavey / Rhêmes-Notre-Dame - Wintersportgebiet Chanavey / Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

Station de ski Chanavey / Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

Chanavey / Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

1.725 - 1.760m

Plan de piste Station de ski Chanavey / Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

Nouveauté Chanavey / Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

Im Dezember 2013 wird der neue Sessellift in Betrieb genommen, welcher den alten Skilift ersetzt. Betrifft die Bergstation Rhemes-Notre-Dame.

Station de ski Chanavey / Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

Rhêmes-Notre-Dame / Chanavey (1723 m) is situated in a natural oasis on the edge of the National Park of Gran Paradiso and includes two ski resorts with a total of 5 km of slopes. The first is located in Chavaney and equipped with 2 lifts.
The small area has 5 km of slopes: 1 km blue - 2 km red - 2 km black!

As lifts are 1 chair, 1 surface lift and a magic carpet for the kids.

Ski Rhêmes Notre Dame
Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, is in the main town and is ideally suited for beginners. Furthermore, there is a kids park. It has three magis carpets, a carousel and numerous facilities for children and adults.

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Contact Station de ski Chanavey / Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

Station de ski Chanavey / Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

Chanavey, I-11010 Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

+39 0165 936146
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+39 01659 36114
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